Community Profile

Boards & Committees

Committees of Council:

Administration Committee
Chair - Mayor Maureen Weiterman, Kyle McLeod, Justin Turton
(Staffing, Policies & Procedures, Finance)                   

Infrastructure/Planning & Development Committee
Chair - Mayor, All of Council
(Transportation, Utilities, Environmental Health, Public Health & Welfare, Cemetery, Strategic Planning, Development, and Subdivisions)

Protective Services Committee
Chair - Justin Turton, Ryan Husband, Bob Stephenson
(Fire, Police, Bylaw Enforcement and EMO)

Recreation Committee (Changing to Community Development Committee)

Chair Ryan Husband, Sharon Bruce, Kevin Grotheim, Dylan Carey, Allison Park, Ron Klassen, Jill Lee
(Recreation, Swimming Pool, Civic Centre, Parks/Town Beautification, Tourism, Economic Development)

Emergency Measures Committee:

EMCoordinator Jim Cheyne, Members: CAO, Mayor, Deputy Mayor                                                                                                                        


External Board Appointments:

Joint Health Committee - Sharon Bruce, Maureen Weiterman

Outlook/Rudy Joint Protective Services Committee - Ryan Husband, Bob Stephenson, Justin Turton

Lake Diefenbaker Tourism: Vacant

Lake Diefenbaker Watershed Authority – Ryan Husband

Outlook and District Museum Board – Sharon Bruce

Outlook & District Chamber of Commerce – Kevin Grotheim

Outlook & District Regional Park – Sharon Bruce

Outlook Local Library and Wheatland Regional Library Board – Maureen Weiterman

Pest Control Officer (authority to control skunks, gophers &/or ravens) – Jim Drury

SUMAssure Voting Delegate – Sharon Bruce

Town of Outlook Occupational Health and Safety Committee - Kyle McLeod

WaterWolf District Planning Committee – Maureen Weiterman

West Central Municipal Government Committee - Maureen Weiterman