Community Profile

Boards & Committees

Committees of Council:

Administration Committee
Ross Derdall, David Simonson, Maureen Applin
(Staffing, Policies & Procedures, Finance)                   

Infrastructure Committee
David Simonson, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin
(Transportation, Utilities, Environmental Health, Public Health & Welfare, Cemetery)

Protection Committee
Donna Smith, Kyle McLeod, Ross Derdall
(Fire, Police, Bylaw Enforcement and EMO)

Planning & Development Committee
Maureen Applin, David Simonson, Ross Derdall
(Long-term planning & Strategic Planning, Development and Subdivisions)

 Executive Committee
Mayor, Councillors, CAO

Recreation Committee (also known as the Rec Board)
Kyle McLeod, Donna Smith and Kevin Grotheim
(Recreation, Swimming Pool, Civic Centre, Parks/Town Beautification)

Swimming Pool Construction Committee
Kyle McLeod, Ross Derdall, Rick Pederson

Swimming Pool Hiring Committee
Kyle McLeod, Jordy Jones, Maureen Weiterman, Brent Larwood, Dawn Erickson

New Fire Hall
David Simonson, Kyle McLeod

Regional Landfill
Maureen Applin, Ross Derdall

 Joint Health Committee/Medical Clinic & Doctors:
Ross Derdall, Maureen Applin, RM of Rudy Rep, RM of Fertile Valley Rep


Board Appointments:

Airport Management Committee – Kyle McLeod, George King, Dalas King 

Civic Centre Liaison – Kevin Grotheim

Emergency Measures Operation Coordinator – Sean Ferguson 

Fire Chief –Dalas King     

Fire Department Services - David Simonson, Fire Chief Dalas King

Food Bank –    Donna Smith

Lake Diefenbaker Tourism Destination Area – Maureen Applin

Lake Diefenbaker Watershed Authority – Maureen Applin

Multi-Cultural Group – Floyd Childerhose

Museum Board – Floyd Childerhose

Occupational Health & Safety Kyle McLeod

Outlook & District Chamber of Commerce – Kevin Grotheim

Outlook & District Recreation Board – Kyle McLeod, Donna Smith, Kevin Grotheim

Outlook & District Regional Park – Donna Smith

Outlook Local Library – Donna Smith

Pest Control (authority to shoot skunks, gophers &/or crows) – Lloyd Smith

Pest Control Officer –Luke Lockhart

Recycle Management Committee - David Simonson, Luke Lockhart

SUMAssure Voting Delegate – Donna Smith

Trans Canada Trail/ Skytrail Committee –Maureen Applin

WaterWolf District Planning Committee – Maureen Applin

West Central Municipal Government Committee - Maureen Applin, Ross Derdall

Wheatland Regional Library Board – Donna Smith, Ross Derdall

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