Boards & Committees


Application Form for Appointment to Boards & Committees

2023 Committees of Council:

Administration Committee:
Kevin Grotheim, Justin Turton, Maureen Weiterman
(Staffing, Policies & Procedures, Finance)

Protection Committee:
Ryan Husband, Bob Stephenson, Justin Turton
(Fire, Police, Bylaw Enforcement, and EMO)

Community Development Advisory Committee:
Sharon Bruce, Kevin Grotheim, Ryan Husband,  Jill Lee, Allison Park, Heather Duczek-Reynolds, Ashtyn Leffler, Danielle Wagner

(Recreation, Swimming Pool, Civic Centre, Parks, Tourism and Economic Development)

Joint Health Committee (Town of Outlook, RM of Rudy, and RM of Fertile Valley):
Sharon Bruce, Maureen Weiterman

Cemetery Committee:

Sharon Bruce, Kyle McLeod, Erin Garbe, Michelle Stalwick, Floyd Childerhose, Lorne Hovdestad, Amanda Starosta, Delwyn Luedtke

District Board of Revision:

Ryan Husband, Kevin Trew, Justin Turton, Maureen Weiterman


2023 External Board Appointments

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards: Ryan Husband

Outlook & District Heritage Museum Board Council Liaison: Sharon Bruce

Outlook & District Chamber of Commerce: Kevin Trew

Outlook & District Health Foundation: Kyle McLeod

Outlook & District Regional Park Board: Kyle McLeod

Outlook & District Library Board: Maureen Weiterman

Wheatland Regional Library Board: Maureen Weiterman

SUMAssure Voting Delegate: Kyle McLeod

WaterWolf District Planning Commission: Ryan Husband

West Central Municipal Government Committee: Maureen Weiterman (Alternate: Bob Stephenson)



Emergency Measures Coordinator: Bob Laidlaw

Outlook-Rudy Fire & Rescue Chief/Local Assistant: Dalas King

Outlook-Rudy Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief: Luke Lockhart

Pest Control Officer: Dwight Erickson and Ryan Erickson