Communities in Bloom


Communities in Bloom is a program offered by SPRA (Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association) that inspires communities to enhance and sustain the visual appeal of neighbourhoods, public spaces, parks & streetscapes through the imaginative use of flowers, plants, trees and landscaping the preservation of heritage and cultural assets, and attention to environmental stewardship.

A core part of this popular program is the friendly evaluation of communities, engaging citizens of all ages, service groups, businesses and associations in an effort to suceed and be recognized. During evaluations, the volunteer judges generate ideas for the community and will help recognize the great assets that the community already have! 


CIB Community Beautification Program

CIB Community Beautification Application





In 2023 - we registered as "Evaluated Friends" In SPRA's Communities in Bloom program. We received 4 Blooms this year which is FANTASTIC! Check out the full results here.

 Contact the Recreation Department if you are interested in participating as a volunteer on our CIB Committee.